Reputation Protection

A good reputation can take many years to build up and just a few minutes to be destroyed.

Everyone trades on their good reputation, be they individuals or businesses. If anyone finds themselves in the sights of the media it is essential they can instantly access experienced and well-connected reputation protection.

JHA offers high level reputation crisis media management to members of the public or businesses who finds themselves in an unwanted media storm.

Very often the early response given to newspapers, television channels and radio stations is the most important. An initial ill-thought reply to a media enquiry can set in train a series of events that can become extremely difficult to halt.

JHA can take control to help prevent stories from being published or broadcast altogether, turn negative publicity into positive PR or limit any ongoing reputational damage.

Reputational Crisis Management.

The crisis management is personally headed by publicist Jonathan Hartley who has a proven track record of advising businesses, sports stars, celebrities and high-end private clients on how to best to deal with the media.

Unlike traditional PR companies JHA uses its experience of selling hard hitting news stories into the media to understand how to keep similar stories away from the headlines.

JHA’s network of contacts and daily dealings with news organisations means that it has an inside track on how the media landscape is working and thinking and what action is appropriate and effective at a particular time.

If required, JHA can step in to act as a spokesman for all media enquiries and issue press statements and briefings where appropriate.

For organisations or individuals facing upcoming court cases or employment tribunals, JHA can give advice on how the hearings are likely to play out in the media so that informed commercial decisions can be made.

And if events have already turned sour, JHA is an expert in turning it around. Rather than hiding away, we help redress the balance and, where possible, turn bad experiences into positive PR opportunities. Because we are in tune with what interests the media we can help re-shape the agenda.


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