How We Help Businesses

Protection and prevention.

With many businesses trading on their reputation it is vital they have experts to turn to if a problem is looming in the media.

At JHA we believe that early intervention is key to protecting companies and their products. We offer a business 'health check' in which we send in media experts to assess how an organisation may be vulnerable to an attack from the media. This allows us to set up safeguards and provide solutions before a reporter has called at your door.

For companies with upcoming court cases or employment tribunals, JHA can make assessments of how the events are likely to play out in the media so that businesses can make informed commercial decisions with the media in mind. We can also set in place strategies that negate any  damage or even turn a potentially negative position into positive PR. Because we sell in hard-edged news stories we know exactly what newspaper, television and radio reporters are looking for and so we can head them off at the pass.

The earlier we are consulted the more effectively we can act.


JHA can raise your company profile by placing you at the heart of the national news. While many PR firms charge over the odds for press releases that end in the newsroom bin, JHA uses its contacts to ensure products or services reach an audience of millions.

JHA offers a 'No Fame, No Fee' service, in which it offers to be paid purely on results, charging clients according to the media coverage that is actually achieved. It can devise a media strategy to ensure that companies remain on the news agenda to help establish them as a market leader.

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