A Few Words About Us

Jonathan Hartley Associates is a uniquely positioned media consultancy firm.

Headed by publicist Jonathan Hartley, the company has been developing bespoke media strategies for more than a decade. The company's foundations are built on having the best possible contacts both inside and outside of the media.

Jonathan works at the centre of the British media on a daily basis with top level contacts in newspapers, TV, radio and magazines. It means he knows the media and the media know him.

This relationship, combined with the ability to call on other high-end experts in their field, allows JHA to offer a holistic unrivalled service tailored to clients' every need and ensuring they are looked after in every way. When JHA develops strategies for clients it does so making sure that they are covered in all aspects of business or personal life.

JHA was built on a background of news gathering which required it to be acutely aware of what interests, excites and motivates the UK public The company’s contacts developed so that it is now in a unique position to be able to feed into mainstream news as well as target specific areas, such as business and showbiz.

This means that JHA can raise the profile of organisations and individuals in a unique two-tiered manner. The company is able to create general awareness campaigns aimed at the public while simultaneously running a more concentrated public relations PR campaign targeting individual sectors.

JHA is in a unique position in preventing unwanted stories from being published or broadcast.

Unlike traditional PR companies JHA has a news arm which sells in hard-edged stories. This gives the company a close-up insight into what can prevent stories from being published which it uses to its advantage to stop unfavourable articles from appearing. This reputation protection arm of the company is able to use this expertise to foresee potential problems and deal with them before they escalate.

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Mission & values

  • 01We use contacts inside and outside of the media to create unique bespoke solutions for individuals and businesses.
  • 02All information supplied by clients is treated in the strictest confidence both during and after the consultation process.
  • 03We focus on your individual needs to ensure that any decision is made in the long-term interest of the client.



Our daily dealings at the frontline of the media ensures that we are tuned into the very latest thinking. .


Our excellent reputation within the media puts our clients in a strong, respected and protected position.


We work with top-level professionals in other industries and feed this expertise into our client care.