What Makes Us Unique

We offer top level media consultancy... and much more.

Over the years JHA has developed an extensive network of high-end contacts in a host of different fields.

On top of dealing with newspaper, TV and magazine executives, we are in regular contact with law firms, TV producers, finance executives,  fraud investigators, accountancy firms and investors.

It means that JHA is able to give the most complete service to clients who approach us for help or advice. We can bring in outside expertise to ensure that our clients' positions are fully examined, properly protected and that all opportunities can be exploited to their maximum.

While the media strategy remains central to our consultation, we are able to take into account other possibilities that clients who have approached us may never have considered.

This ability to open doors to high-level contacts both inside and outside of the media allows us to offer an unrivalled service.

How we differ from traditional PR firms.

JHA has its finger of the pulse of the media which means that it can take advantage of opportunities that regular PR firms are unlikely to be aware of.

Unlike PR firms we are approached by news outlets asking us for stories so we are in a particularly strong position to place stories about businesses, products or individuals.

Because we sell in hard-edged news items to the media we know the tricks of how to keep similar sorts of stories away from the spotlight when required. While many PR firms automatically release press releases in response to a crisis and actually exacerbate a bad situation, we are in a position to recognise how to kill an unwanted story altogether.

It is our close relationship with the media that allows our clients to tap into the latest thinking and trends that very few people are aware of.

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