Selling Stories

Our contacts and expertise mean you can sell your story for the most money.

JHA's reputation was built on being able to achieve its clients the greatest possible fees when selling their stories.

Excellent media contacts and negotiating skills combine to ensure we can command top payments from newspapers, magazines and TV. Media organisations pay a premium for stories brokered through JHA to encourage us to return to them with the next big exclusive.

Over the years JHA has negotiated scores of exclusive front page stories that have become the envy of other agencies. We devise story selling strategies that maximise both money and publicity.

You will regularly see our clients featured on programmes such as Good Morning Britain, This Morning and The One Show and we work closely with TV production companies to help make documentaries.

Because we work closely with all forms of media we can ensure that every opportunity is explored, so what starts as a front page story can end up as a book or even a  TV dramatisation.

Helping whistleblowers.

JHA has a proud history of helping whistleblowers expose injustice and right wrongs

Over the years we have revealed bad practises by the banks, police corruption, NHS negligence, corporate dishonesty and discriminatory behaviour by companies.

Our commitment to confidentiality means that whistleblowers can use us to safely fight for justice.  As part of our holistic service we have an excellent track record of finding whistleblowers legal representation to help fight their case.

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