Jonathan Hartley is a leading UK publicist

Publicist Jonathan Hartley works at the centre of the British media on a daily basis and his expertise is available to you now. With a huge number of personal contacts inside and outside the media he can ensure that private or business clients achieve the maximum possible publicity or, alternatively, can help shut-down unwanted attention.

Jonathan has a proven track record of representing businesses, celebrities, sports stars and members of the public.

His reputation was built on integrity and trust, with a fiery determination to act in his client's best interests, maximise their publicity and achieve them the best deals.

In recent years Jonathan has increasingly been asked to keep stories away from the media spotlight. Businesses, lawyers and agents regularly use his front-line experience of dealing with the media to help ascertain how to prevent stories appearing.

Media Strategies.

Jonathan's greatest strength is in being able to quickly and efficiently devise media strategies for his business and private clients.

Working on both sides of the fence, Jonathan is able to be one step ahead on how to get publicity and, alternatively, how to keep stories from being published or broadcast.

With the media landscape changing on a weekly basis it is essential for those who want the best possible representation to be able to plug into the latest thinking of the media.

Jonathan has the inside track that allows him to devise flexible media strategies that can take advantage of a particular movement within the media.


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