Case Studies

  • Employment Tribunal Advice

    Employment Tribunal Advice

    JHA was asked to consult on an employment dispute and prevent the publication of a damaging story.

  • High Profile Businesswoman

    High Profile Businesswoman

    JHA successfully stopped the publication or broadcast of a story about a high profile businesswoman

  • Bank Data Security Breach

    Bank Data Security Breach

    A whistleblower contacted us to reveal how bank customers' details were being sold illegally in The City.

  • Dummy Taped To Baby’s Mouth

    Dummy Taped To Baby’s Mouth

    Mum Sarah Fellows asked for help in exposing how her baby had a pacifier taped to his mouth in hospital.

  • Help For Rape Victim

    Help For Rape Victim

    We helped the victim of a sex attack by a soap star retain their anonymity.

  • Sports Star Allegations

    Sports Star Allegations

    JHA prevented publication of an article which was going to allege drug taking by sports stars

  • Raped By Rigby Killer

    Raped By Rigby Killer

    A woman raped by the killer of soldier Lee Rigby contacted us to sell her story anonymously.

  • Exposing Torture Flights

    Exposing Torture Flights

    JHA was contacted by a whistleblower to expose how UK airports were being used to transfer people to secret prison…

  • PM’s Nanny Is An Escort

    PM’s Nanny Is An Escort

    Prime Minister David Cameron inadvertently hired an escort as a nanny to his children.