PR: Legal Claims


JHA is creating a media campaign to help highlight the fact that millions of car crash victims that claimed whiplash pay outs were overcharged by their no win, no fee solicitors.

The aim of the awareness campaign is to let car crash victims know that legal claims exist in which they can claw back the money that they are owed.  worked for two years to win a series of court cases in which they proved that the no win, no fees had overcharged clients by taking too large a percentage of their pay out.

JHA has secured a variety of coverage to help highlight to potential claimants that they have a claim which so far has created an average payout of £750.

The remit has been to create publicity in the popular press, online and on TV and radio.

So far JHA has created publicity for on the BBC, the Daily Mail newspaper, The Sun newspaper, Daily Mirror newspaper and Daily Express.

We have also lined up a variety of TV and radio interviews.

If you have a product or service you would like to gain publicity for please do not hesitate to contact us.


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