Jonathan Hartley Associates (JHA) has joined forces with Mayfair-based solicitors Meaby LLP to offer a unique joined-up legal and reputation service.

Clients of Meaby LLP will be able to access JHA's reputation management service for no extra cost in a variety of actions.

With reputation protection a key concern for many clients during legal disputes, Meaby LLP has taken the opportunity to automatically bring in the media consultancy firm in appropriate cases.

A Meaby LLP spokesman said: 'We understand how important maintaining a good reputation is for both businesses and individuals. Therefore, we have joined forces with Jonathan Hartley Associates to offer our clients a unique reputation management service to manage press interest and to protect their name. This service is automatically provided for free in certain claims.'

Media consultant Jonathan Hartley said: 'In many instances the potential media fall out in legal cases can be as important, both commercially and reputationally, as winning or losing the case.

'We can help prevent unwanted media coverage, turn negative publicity into positive PR and help clients to make informed decisions.

'We're delighted to join forces with such a prestigious and well-established firm as Meaby LLP.'

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